ie-split IE-SPLIT version 3.0 Internet Explorer Add-on

Split Internet Explorer in two separate fully independent windows

Read Blogs and News sites without ever navigating away from the main page
Compare pages side-by-side
Drag & Drop links between 2 windows
Make your browsing experience more efficient and fast
Support for Internet Explorer 7+
Custom toolbar gives you more space for browsing
“Frame Mode”: open all links in 2nd window by default

New in Version 3.0

Place extra navigation window on top-bottom-left-right
Compatible up to IE 11* (32-bit & 64-bit)
Faster loading

    * Edge browser not supported


- If you have a previous version, uninstall before installing the new version
- Download package, uncompress and run setup.exe. Follow instructions
- You may need to restart Internet Explorer in order for the IE-Split toolbar to appear
- Click "Enable Add-on" if asked


- Navigate to a web page as usual. Drag links from the loaded page to the IE Split navigation window or
- Navigate to a web page by typing in the IE-Split address bar and drag links to the default IE window
- Enable Frame Mode: Click on mode button
  In “frames” mode all links in the default IE Window open in IE-Split Window

If you want to cancel frame mode for just a click, hold Alt key and click on the link
if the “hot key” function interferes with other add-ons you can disable it by clicking "Options" button and selecting “Disable Hot Key”

- Make more space for browsing. Click on “Options” Button and Select “Hide the Title Bar”
- Drag the new navigation window from the header to the top-bottom-right-left of the main window, to place it where it suites you best



ie-split version 3.0 Download

* Please uninstall all previous versions before installing version 3.0

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